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#HOTOGRAPHY2019: oletko valmis Insta-haasteeseen?

UPDATE!!! We give you 10 more days (until Sunday the 17th of March) to participate in our SugarDaters Blog Instagram challenge! The conditions to win a SPA treatment for 2 stay the same: post a hot picture of yourself, use the #HOTOGRAPHY2019 and tag @SugarDaters […]

Sugar&Spice: Forget Linkedin – Your SugarDating Profile Can Be Your New CV

Forget Linkedin – Your SugarDating Profile Can Be Your New CV       What was my most memorable job interview so far? The second bottle of red wine in a fetish party in Berlin. My sugarmama and I bumped into her friend, who also happened to […]

Sugar Advisor: How to Spot a Sugar Daddy in the Real World?

How to Spot a Sugar Daddy in the Real World? Yes, I have a radar for Sugar Daddies. How to recognize a benefactor offline? It’s easy. His clothes, behavior and location prove his social status. A well-tailored suit emphasizing the figure and a classic cut […]

Sugar Advisor: How to Break up with the Sugar Daddy?

How to Break up with the Sugar Daddy?  Before you read this post, go check out Oliwia’s first Q&A on Youtube in which she answers your questions! When a difficult time comes in your relationship and you are at the crossroads, stop. There may be many reasons […]

Sugar Advisor: Sugar High. Madrid Edition

Sugar High: Madrid Edition   I rarely feel like a sophisticated Sugar Baby. I have always considered myself as an unconventional trophy. However, everyone deserves a break. Especially when an opportunity of a Sugar trip to Madrid with a charming Swiss Sugar Daddy appears. I […]


SugarDaters® laajentaa Kiinaan. Nyt Suomalaisillakin on yksinomainen mahdollisuus deittailla kiinalaisia SugarBabyja ja SugarDaddyja kiinalaisessa SugarDaters® versiossa SokeriDeittailu on online-treffailun tyyppi, joka perustuu taloudellisiin etuihin. Länsimaisen yhteiskunnassa usein oletetaan, että tämä suhde malli on jonkin verran erilainen tai huonompi kuin muut treffailun lajit. Tästä huolimatta, […]

Kerro mielipiteesi: Sokerideittailu Suomessa

Kiitos, että käytät SugarDaters® ! kasvaa teidän ansiostanne nopeammin kuin koskaan. Tästä syystä halusimme kysyä mielipidettänne SokeriDeittailusta. Kyselylomakkeella on 6 kysymystä, ja kaikki vastaukset ovat täysin nimettömiä. Mitä luotettavampia vastauksenne, sitä parempia tilastomme! Kiitos ajastanne! Sokerideittailu Suomessa